Only Anally
Willam Lyrics

Oh, no, your dick is too close,
to my dirty pussy,
Don't slip the tip inside
God wants to keep my purity,
your balls want to go deep
so there's only one compromise
I will do anal
I'll take it anally
You can fuck me,
but only anally
I know that it feels tight
I'll keep my virginity
You can fuck me
But only anally
If you come all up in me,
there will be no pregnancy
Now, come on let's get dirty
I take a bath and wash my crack
So there will be no crap
I do it all because
I have no self esteem, and need your approval, I'm completely delusional this will make me popular!
So what about anal?
Let's do it anally!
Could you fuck me—
Where the taint'l lead? (Not sure about that lyric)
If you use some lube, love
It'll slide in so easily
‘Cause all kids today they do it anally
I'll open up my butt just to let your dick in
Let's open up our butts and get all those dicks in
The place from where I fart is where you stick it in,
I'll open up my butt
Now you want me to have a drink
But, liquor don't touch my lips,
But I can still get tipsy…
(You wanna know how)
I drink with my anus!
I'll have my drinks anally
Pour wine in a douche,
And drink it anally
Order a Cosmo
Put lube on a straw, you'll see.
Everything I do is done anally!!

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Comments from YouTube:

Hexacious Jinx

If I ever have kids. I'm naming my daughter Vanessica.

Septon Sephgreiafield


Christy Mccullough

Hell yeah

Eleganza Itself

I cannot get this song out of my head. Singing it at the checkout in the supermarket, ZERO FUCKS given about the looks I was shot. FABULOUS.

Goofy Goober

casually plays this at a family gathering

Rico Rix

mass/service would be a great place to play it too :D

Carla Nicolini

butyourdadjustcallsmekatya I'm listening to this in study Hall rn lol


casually plays this in the class

Megan Edwards



Damn. Why does this parody have to sound better than the original?!

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