Ne irascaris Domine
William Byrd Lyrics

Ne irascaris Domine satis,
et ne ultra memineris iniquitatis nostrae.
Ecce respice populus tuus omnes nos.

Civitas sancti tui facta est deserta.
Sion deserta facta est,
Jerusalem desolata est.

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Sriram Padmanabhan

I've watched and listened to this so many times now, and I still can't get over parts of exquisite beauty scattered throughout:

The resolution of the harmony from 7:00 to that 'est' at 7:05. It's so hard to believe there is no instrument other than multiple, richly layered, smooth-as-silk human voices here (my ears still expect a pipe organ or strings to be in the background).

And then there's that rumbling, majestic bass starting at 7:07, goodness me!

The 'desolata' section from 8:17 to 8:50 and thereabouts is heart-wrenchingly poignant. What makes it even more beautiful is seeing how the singers' expressions match it so well (8:30!).

Absolutely beautiful performance, thank you so much!

Tim Green

"Sion deserta facta est...Jerusalem desolata est." (6:44)

These haunting passages always make me imagine William Byrd, devout Catholic that he was, contemplating the darkness of the fierce iconoclasm of his age.

Perhaps he had entered into a formerly ornate church sanctuary that had been whitewashed and stripped down, statues and stained glass destroyed, in the revolutionary fervor of the Puritan revolt.

Or perhaps, while traveling, he encountered one of the many ruined monasteries stolen by the crown and the wealthy landowners of the Tudor era -- barren, empty stone walls just beginning to be overgrown by ivy and moss.

With his towering musical gifts he was able to channel suffering and sorrow into pure beauty as he composed this exquisite lamentation for what had been lost.

Helen Panshin

Original Text and Translations:

Ne irascaris Domine satis,
et ne ultra memineris iniquitatis nostrae.
Ecce respice populus tuus omnes nos.

Civitas sancti tui facta est deserta.
Sion deserta facta est,
Jerusalem desolata est.

Be not angry, O Lord,
and remember our iniquity no more.
Behold, we are all your people.

Your holy city has become a wilderness.
Zion has become a wilderness,
Jerusalem has been made desolate.

No te enojes, Señor,
Y deja de recordar nuestras culpas.
Aquí nos tienes a todos, tu pueblo.

Tu ciudad santa ha quedado desierta.
Sion ha quedado desierta,
Jerusalén ha quedado desolada.

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Joe R

You have been paid a wonderful compliment. Our 2 year old granddaughter heard this playing. She moved slowly as though not knowing what to expect. Standing frozen, she only moved her mouth to mirror what she saw.
I was close to tears seeing her amazed by what she heard.
Truthfully I can say I am one very contented Grandad. I am grateful for being able to experience this.

Paul Martin

To Joe R ... I am adding my tears (really) and being transfixed to your granddaughter’s reaction too. 🙏🏻

Valter Alnis Bezerra

Your story led me to tears also. God bless you and your granddaughter and the whole family.

Paul Turton

ockeghem35 "p


This comment makes my eyes wet, I have a daughter of nearly 3. The moment Part II begins (Civitas sancti) is scarcely credible - one is already the most psychologically relaxed, and then this happens. O m g.

Nino Nieman

@Jan-Pieter van Waasbergen Fantastichse für Sie! Your grand-daughter will never forget your role in her musical development, and her love of this music will likely more than live on after your death too, this is the legacy older people leave their grandkids that they treasure forever!

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Bill Brockman

Can you imagine how pleased the composer would be to know this would be sung so beautifully and heard so widely in the year 2020?

Santorini degli Archangeli

@Edmund Schrag DWL! Bloody hilarious!

Lochlan Koa

@Caspian Jorge Damn! Took roughly 20 mins but it actually worked!!

Caspian Jorge

Dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my girl friends Instagram password using InstaPwn. Just google for it :D

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