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But You
Willie Jones Lyrics

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Future Bible Heroes You know why the lemmings fly from high terrain You know…

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Down For It I'm open like a book, you can read me Just tell…
Your Man The gypsy woman told my mother Before I was born…

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Comments from YouTube:

Cedric Ro.

Randy didn't understand that most southern kids are always polite when talking to adults. Yes Sir and Yes Ma'am are engrained in them. He is polite, talented, humble and well mannered. I pray for his success.

Tara Theus

@L. Loo Absolutely, but some kids just wasn't raised that way. My ex lil girl was like that and I questioned that and he basically said "if she didn't want to say yes or no ma'am or sir, she didn't have to. I wondered how well that went for her in school because she was just 5 yrs old at the time? I don't so that "yeah or naw" with my child. She would get her tonsils knocked out and she's 28 yrs old.

Gil Perry


Too Blessed Miller

@L. Loo ... As Barry White would say, "sho u right"

L. Loo

Everybody, no matter how young or old, should always be as respectful to everybody at all times. Great lesson to follow.

Tara Theus

@Too Blessed Miller 😁

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Lisa Lu

Any one else watched this audition like a million times πŸ˜‚

Merein Uganda


Ismail Abdi


isah rihanna


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