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Call the doctor
Willie Jones Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Call the doctor' by these artists:

Black River Drive There's a fire burning in my head and it burns…
Ellen Once Again I left my job today threw all my fears away I may…
Funkadelic It was no potion, that notion that led to my…
J.J. Cale Somebody call for the doctor, I think I'm sick Ain't had…
J.J.ケイル Somebody call for the doctor, I think I'm sick Ain't had…
JJ Cale Somebody call for the doctor, I think I'm sick Ain't had…
Moffatts Woke up Sunday morning She's a hangover I can't get…
Peter Andre Hmmmmm She was my girl My closest friend My Hunny The …
Sleater-Kinney they want to socialize you they want to purify you they wa…
Spacemen 3 Call the doctor pretty baby, you know I'm near to…
The Moffatts Woke up Sunday morning She's a hangover I can't get…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Willie Jones:

Down For It I'm open like a book, you can read me Just tell…
Your Man The gypsy woman told my mother Before I was born…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Hmmm Yeah Nah DOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@Michael Jones Some might call that a conspiracy - someone who tends to lead the narrative to suit their agenda. I prefer to follow the facts no matter where they lead.
I personally think it's just speculation on your part.
If you compare a few simple observations you should find the answer.
1. 01:42, 01:47 The visuals are out of sync (delayed) with Dr Brandon Rodgers voice.
2. 01:44 Heidi's "Yes " is in sync with the video.
3. 01:52 Mel B's singing along is also out of sync (delayed) with the music.
4. 01:57 As @NENE MUCHLOVE PA 34 pointed out, you can clearly see his neck veins
(while he's singing) indicating it is his voice.
5. 02:35 Tyra's shriek of approval at the end was in sync with video.
6. And Finally the most important one, the singing was in sync with the music

So what can you deduce from that. I'll leave that up to you.

When judges place so much emphasis on song choice, this is a perfect example of how that choice can highlight your range and vocals to enhance the overall performance. His tone, vocal control and ad-lib nuances reminds me so much of his idol. I would've loved to have heard Brandon do more of Stevie's songs.
Definitely the best cover of one of my All Time Favorite Songs Ever!!!

Sigh - If only I could hold a tune. Oh well, I'll just have to live my dreams of stardom vicariously through Brandon's voice. Not a bad substitute.

These are the kinds of role models we should aspire to be like.
RIP Dr Brandon Rodgers - "Stunning Vocals". Such a humble and beautiful soul.

All comments from YouTube:


This broke my heart! 😭 such a gifted person. RIP Dr Rogers & condolences to his family and loved ones.

Jill Franco

RIP he is singing with the Angels now

Judy Brown

@fortunato blanco amen

Judy Brown

@Wraymona Low amen

Dennis Mc laurin


Berta Kreintjes

im gifted to

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Marianne Goodson

Car accidents are so terribly tragic! There's no warning. You say "see you later" and they never come back. My husband died in a car accident when I was 23 with a 3 week old baby. He was 27. It was like living in a nightmare for a few years. I suffered from PTSD for a while after that from the sudden shock of it all. Prayers for the family of this beautiful young man who is with the angels now.

Linda Smolinski

@Marianne Goodson your welcome and be well.

Marianne Goodson

@Linda Smolinski thank you Linda. I appreciate your kind thoughts!

Linda Smolinski

@Marianne Goodson God really does know what he is doing, 🙏 it is a loss that is hard to come back from. God Bless you and your family. Be well. 🙏❤🙏❤

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