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Where's My Money
Willie Jones Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Where's My Money' by these artists:

Busta Rhymes Ayo Green, I feel like I'm turnin' green too! From…
T.C. [Intro] (Piiimp!) Yeah I'ma step up to this mic like Marvin …
TC Uh, hello - Hi Uh yeah - Yeah? About the money... - Money? U…
TC Featuring Jakes It's the new standard of Living on a thinner thread And th…
The Evil Genius DJ Green Lantern My f*cker Whe- where my f*ckin' money Ha money! Ha money! B*…
The Evil Genius DJ Green Lantern feat. Busta Rhymes My f*cker Whe- where my f*ckin' money Ha money! Ha money! B*…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Willie Jones:

Down For It I'm open like a book, you can read me Just tell…
Your Man The gypsy woman told my mother Before I was born…

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Comments from YouTube:

James Smith

Look at the record on the says " Plug Side " that's for DJ's to play that side cause its he A side and they are counting on it to get up there. Most promoters walked into radio stations and gave every DJ a little promotional cash to plug their records and drive their records...

Tim Zagelow

Good sound from her!

Leo Appeal

Fantastic indeed !!!


whoa…no!   so good.

K C Sunshine Adventures

Such a great track

stephen stone

Great song fantastic voice😎

Paul Leighton

these artists deserved much greater recognition than they ever received. a terrific song in all departments

Tyrone Epps

Wille jones 4 -ever !

Tony Beezwax

still on the wants list and know i got a long wait being a tight fkr,,,but very patient :)


This guy got the SONGS!! Keep up the good work brotha... !

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