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Windows Down
Willie Jones Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Windows Down' by these artists:

Big Time Rush Throw it up! woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Yeah, yeah woo…
Big Time Rush捵爮 [All] Throw it up, Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Yeah, yeah Woo…
big-time-rush Throw it up! woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Yeah, yeah woo…
D.Bledsoe [Hook] Windows down, music up, riding round the city Riding …
Dean and Ravo Yeah Yaaa I treat life the way life treat me (Dope) I thi…
Kesha feat. Big Time Rush Throw it up! woo hoo! Woo hoo! Woo hoo! Yeah, yeah woo…
Maxwell Young I don't know where I am going I know I am…
Silent Majority sitting next to this train on the track side admiring what…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Willie Jones:

Down For It I'm open like a book, you can read me Just tell…
Your Man The gypsy woman told my mother Before I was born…

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Comments from YouTube:


Let's share let's make him famous

Christine Gattin

OMG! He is amazing! Love him


@Carlos Reyes talent isn't being denied, but it makes sense that this is.

Carlos Reyes

I'm gonna share this with everyone I know.. talent can't be denied!

Darrell Isabel

Every time I hear it I share.


Too much fame will bring demons, I like him like this

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Maria Rodriguez

Its really upsetting how trashy music like danielle brigolle or how ever her name is spelled become famous but not willie jones. Like whats wrong with people

Amanda Martel

@Tammy Slade you make no sense white men won't let him, yet here he is making a name for himself in country music industry what an idiot you know his name dont you that's making it!

Rosemary Okoth

Congratulations Willie Jones, I am proud of you W. Jones. Wonderful voice with powerful imagination.

Laquinton Wagner's Black Life Matters

@Aftershock Aquatics its the maga folks supporting him.

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