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Wim Mertens Lyrics


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In Belgium, for a long time we had the luck to wake up with this song. It was the theme song of the so called "Nachtradio". At 6AM, Nachtradio finished with this song.


Well, Wim was popular at the BRT. Hors Nature was used for the intro of the TV news somewhere in the 1990s and Often A Bird was the intro and outro of yet another radio programme on Radio 1.


@njits789 Indeed yet another: "Sidemen" for "Het leven zoals het is: de luchthaven"


The first time I heard this piece I was hooked. Introspective, peaceful, yet poignant and playful at the same time. For me, it's a song of the entirety of life.


Quando sento questa musica è come se la mia mente si liberasse e vagasse libera, senza pensieri e ansie, in un'altra dimensione. E sgorgano le lacrime. E' un grande conforto


I just can't believe how beautiful and moving this song is. No words, and yet I'm in tears :')


Me too.....


Agree absolutely.


Soooo schön!! 😍👌👏👏👏
Soooo Beautiful 🏝🏝🏝🏝🏝


This song moved me to stop my
In my tracks decades ago, in a public place, track it down, and CALMS ME SO much TO THIS DAY. BEAUTIFUL!!!

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