Girls' School
Wings Lyrics

Sleepy head, kid sister
Lying on the floor
18 years and younger, boy
Well she knows what she's waiting for
Yuki's a cool school mistress
She's an Oriental princess
She shows films in the classroom, boy
The put the paper on the windows.

Ah...what can the sisters do
Ah...girls' school

Head nurse is Sister Scala
Now she's a Spanish doll
She runs a full body out call massage parlour
From the teacher's hail

Ah...what can the sisters do
Ah...girls' school

Well now, Roxanne's he woman trainer
She puts the kids to bed
She gives them pills in a paper cup
And she knocks them on the head

Ah...what can the sisters do
Ah...girls's school
Ah...what can the sisters do
Ah... girls' school
She shows films in the classroom, boy
The put the paper on the windows.

Ah...what can the sisters do

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Comments from YouTube:

Nick Foster

this song just got added to spotify FYI!

The Joking Cat

About time! (Thanks)

Celeste E

This song should get more attention. One of Wings' greatest rockers up there with Junior's Farm, I think!

James Buckingham

Someone once asked me to play him three under rated solo Paul McCartney songs that he might not have heard of, after arguing about the depth of Mecca's writing abilities (which he said died after The Beatles) - I played him, This one, 1985 and Beware my Love. He admitted he was wrong after.

Eddie Miles

Wings were a great rocking band - underrated rocker...

Mark St. James

This is really his last great quintessential solo Paul rocker, as a kid I ran out immediately and bought the vinyl single after I heard it on radio - 1 dollar!. So very classic Paul. In the vein of Jet, Junior's Farm, Helen Wheels, etc. Beautiful piece of work.


I've always loved Paul's B sides and this is one of the best! Wish he'd do this live, it's such a banger!

E Brooks



I bought this single back in 1977. I really thought this would’ve gotten more AirPlay. Such a great song. It was not on the LP London town when I purchased that

Adam Burnham

Not bad!,. Had not heard this in years. Reflectively speaking.❤️😎👍🎶

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