With A Little Luck
Wings Lyrics

With a little luck we can help it out
We can make this whole damn thing work out
With a little love we can lay it down
Can't you feel the town exploding

There is no end to what we can do together
There is no end
The willow turns his back on inclement weather
And if he can do it we can do it
Just me and you
And a little luck we can clear it up
We can bring it in for a landing
With a little luck we can turn it on
There can be no misunderstanding

There is no end to what we can do together
There is no end
The willow turns his back on inclement weather
And if he can do it

Just me and you
With a little push we could set it off
We can send it rocketing skywards
With a little love we could shake it up
Don't you feel the comet exploding

With a little luck, with a little luck
With a little luck, a little luck, a little luck

With a little love, we can lay it down
Can't you feel the town exploding
With a little push, we could set it off
We could send it rocketing skywards

With a little love, we could shake it up
Don't you feel the comet exploding forwards

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Stephen Brown

"With a Little Luck", along with "Mull of Kintyre" and "Listen to What the Man Said", remains my favourite track from the great '70s band, Wings. Happy to read this thread to see others who also admired the track. What makes it so effective is its apparent simplicity, which betrays the intricate and complex harmony and irresistible melody. And the synthesizers! This was a novel soundscape for Wings, and it worked perfectly. Wings' music had always featured synthesizers but "Luck" took it to a whole new level. Paul's vocal was in top form and Linda's and Denny's backing vocals ensured trademark Wings. I can't listen to this song and not think of high school.

I love both the radio edit (which accompanies the video) and the full-length LP version. "London Town" is also my favourite LP from the band. Many disagree and chide it but its introspective and contemplative vibe made for the perfect follow up to the rocking "Wings over America" release. Paul and Denny were at their collaborative best on the album. I have always felt that the album was so overlooked and misunderstood. Of course, it was released in the heyday of disco and upbeat dance music, so it likely felt out of place. But make no mistake, the album contains many gems that are McCartney and Wings at their very best.

For all the video naysayers, it was unheard of to have a video accompany a track. This was 1978. MuchMusic was only the figment of someone's imagination. McCartney was ground-breaking. How unfair it is to judge the video from the comfort of 2020.

Linda was always given a rough ride. She could never overcome the world's wrath at her alleged role in the break-up of the Beatles. I never bought into that. Was she Stevie Nicks? No. Was she John Paul Jones on the keyboard? No. But she helped to create the Wings sound that would have sounded quite different, perhaps too perfect, if she was a verified musician. By the time of "London Town" and the later "Back to the Egg" (another sadly under-rated recording), she harmonized perfectly. In fact, in the earlier recordings, when she was given more vocal prominence (think "Ram" or "Red Rose Speedway"), she and Paul had an Everly Brothers sound to their harmonies. Exceptional, really. I love their harmonizing on "Eat at Home" on "Ram" or the medley on "Speedway". And by the later albums, Linda was holding her own on keyboards.

For me, McCartney's Wings period is my favourite in his very long and esteemed career. I listen to the music often, especially on a playlist I created of my 100 favourite Wings (and a few solo McCartney) tracks. The music creates much joy, happiness and nostalgia for that period of my life.

Data Two

Oh Sir Paul, you are amongst the last of the great song creators!

I really miss those days when a songs' melody and harmony was much more important than how fast you can dance to it. Ever since EDM crossed over into pop, the music began to die. It didn't help at all that by that time too many musicians who because of their great technical skills, but not enough genius with songwriting ability, were yet able to successfully comment away the importance of song craft. To complain that melody was nothing more than riffing, and worse, for the masses to buy into it because of their respect for that musician's playing skills was a sin to the gods of music.

Yes, original melody and harmony is difficult to come up with, and it often does depend on luck. But it still remains that melody and harmony are the very things that make a song a song. And, it doesn't matter how fast your fingers can travel up and down the fret or keyboard, if all that means is you can read and play someone else's music in the dark but cannot write a single melody of importance, then you're just a highly skilled musical technician. It's a harsh truth, but there is a world of technically genius players out there that just never become anything more than local gods because they haven't the songwriting skills to raise them above that level or do not live in a metro area large enough to garner a big name as a studio musician for a well known recording studio.

Some people are just born studio musicians, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Playing an instrument like it is an extension of your body is a skill that takes great strength of character to develop, and many cannot achieve that. But we should never lose site of the end result of that long process – the music. So, to say that melody is nothing more than riffing, and worse, for the masses to accept that because of their respect for that musician's playing skills was a sin to the gods of music. We give in too easily when we are impressed and prone to starry eyed hero worship.

Today, popular music has suffered worse than any modern generation's music before it. It has become monotonous, repetitive, and extremely formulaic beyond that of any era before it. Of course, such things were complained about even back in the days of this era, but that was more about the common pop song's repeated structure; intro, verse, verse, chorus, verse, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus, close out. It had little if anything to do with melody construction. Yet, at some point, starting a decade or so ago, we began to accept the rhetoric about melody not being worthy of being considered necessary in song construction. But there is a whole lot to be said about the strength of a songs' melody when it can leave you humming or whistling it long after hearing it for the first time. Even if it was a song you really didn't care for.

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Guitar. For Beginners. With Dave Ruchpaul

The positivity flowing out of this song is just mind blowing. There is no end to what we can do together. Brilliant. It's taken me nearly 45 years to understand how truly wonderful and uplifting this song is. Have a great day everyone.

Moe McGovern

You are 100% correct.


Talk Talk’s ‘life’s what you make it’ is another uplifting track that sounds amazing played at max volume x

Dr.Brigitte Villeneuve

Just read about your feelings towards this beautiful song and I do agree with you dear friend cause I had to go through a lot of things lately and yes this is a great uplifting song by my favorite artist Sir Paul...
Now I see things much , much clearer maybe for the first time ever...
I wish you "luck" and mostly love ❤️
Dr Brigitte Villeneuve
Quebec, Canada 🇨🇦

Michele Villa

So grateful to have grown up in a time when music was real and literally touched your soul


It can't litterally touch anything

Alex Greggs

Agreed, I feel sorry for the next generation.

Aham Ham

Btw, Here's a hint...it's not Luck Buddy...
Mark 9:23
“Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth.” 

King James Version (KJV)

Michael Florencki

And actually I was an in the middle Boomer born in 1955 😁

Michael Florencki

@Michele Villa ok so a year after the Boomer time. But you should be proud to be a Boomer. Best time ever ❤️

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