Wino Lyrics

The dream belief with a black turning sea
Where the sun has a winterwinds veil
The perfect ship, fully equipped
With everything but the sails
I worship the strong, power of song
The lifestyle of man did I choose
Excepted the quest, come to the crest
And from the top I saw you

I thought that I had a license to fly
Shook his hand and I looked in his eye
To my dismay I was betrayed
And my fortunes have turned into lies

To dream believe is harder it seems
Wisdom of age as a tool
But I wouldn't trade one single day
Because of the storm I found you

To dream believe on a midsummer sea
Adrift where the summerlight gleams
A morning dawns the masts that stand strong
And the sails are spun from our dreams


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Comments from YouTube:

Federico Martín Alonso

Excelente disco

David Duane Gaylor

Did you know you wrote an almost complete album for me!!!!!


Should have 34 million views minimum. Carved in stone, Wino does it all in spades.

Grow Daddy

Hearing this album for the first time! Nice upload and Amazing Album

Geno Hskn

Dark folk...from a Doom metal Gawd!!! Fuck yeah!!!

Geno Hskn

Even the cover song is the Shit!!!

andrew thorogate

Thank u so much,ive been looking for this for ages.


Heavy as it comes