Wisemen Lyrics

Love... I guess that's where it's at.
Where everything's at
They say to have loved and lost
Is better than to have never loved at all
Huh... people that say that
Just don't know what it is, to lose love
How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
I love thee, to the death and breath and hype my soul can reach

Yo... yeah... to my fairytales of life, baby, yo

Yo, I met her at 13, chocolate queen
Beauty mark, left side of her cheek, Vasoline
When she used to kiss me, hair and bone turned her neck green
Promised fool's gold, but everybody plays one
I fucked her on her ass, quilt, made the pussy tilt
She be the queen in the throne, in the castle I built
She stay fresh in school like Southern queens
And never bumped a triple cheese on my triple beams
Liquid streams, when I blast in the guts
What's next? Vegas trips and the finest cologne
I Think Differently, so share don't even get up off the throne
If she was home, my comb of hair will dive into the womb
Lotion come through late one night, but never shown
I got blowed, paranoid, and stripped the globe
My man's say she in Murray Hill, sick off that blow
It hit me like a bullet, spinning shrapnel
When my backbone gone, say peace to the admiral, I love you

Word up, I love you, queen
And never will I feel this much pressure on my spleen
I run it again just like the track star
And never see the road so long, for so far, when I'm blinded...

Yo, yo, I knew her from apartment 3B, a Queen Bee
Her eyes shine like Sun on the Arabian Sea
When she used to talk, clouds parted for the blue skies
Told me one night, her only wish was to rise
I smashed it after eight weeks, made the yank' leak
She be the queen with the crown of the kingdom's I cease
She stay alone, at home, the city screams
And never did she part the sea, without proper means
Opera screams, when I stroke too deep
Next year we'll be sleeping, a hammock on the beach
Baby grand piano notes, bouncing off your dinner plates
If she was here, I'd brush her hair, kiss her neck on the side
Nobody said an apron, ass shaking, when she ride
Told me I'm more than gold, but felt worth less than dye
Created a fly, through life, fast as handglide
Found the last note she wrote, on the way to paradise
Precise, it hit me like a drill filled target
When the well dehydrates, say peace to the sergeant, I love you...

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Comments from YouTube:

John Hamidy

Best song ever. This song got me through my deployments. Thank you.

John Cooney

Me too son

Joe Whitaker

Thx for your service much respect.

Matthew Adams

Top 10 beat ever in the history of hip hop.

TheLzå Tsatoke III

Wørd up I Løve You Queen...

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