Witchcraft Lyrics

It’s not that i dont care or that i dont listen
But my cynisim has sprung
Out of a decline inner dominion
Inside I die inside I run

Twisted beauty and brief fascination
Ugliness and decay
Into this system we were born and we were humble
Our rage has no trail
Democracy the patriarchy indoctrinated tortured ones

Fuck your heroes
Screw your gods
Fuck your icons
Deal with the real
Your made up morals
Your media ethics
Fuck you all
Degenerated politics

Democracy the patriarchy indoctrinated tortured ones

We all choose to be raped by authorities
Constant shameless mockery

Defy and deny individuality
Sanity grows inside of you
They suffer
They do

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Laura Ikels

on We Rest

could you please send me these lyrics.. our son was killed 9/7/18 and this song came to me in a dream.. i truly believe he is speaking to me

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