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El tiempo:
Arica ⛅ 18/24
Iquique ⛅ 16/22
Antofagasta ☀️ 10/21
Copiapo ☀️ 14/28
Coquimbo ☁️ 12/20
Viña Del Mar ☁️ 11/19
Santiago ⛅ 9/26
Rancagua ⛅ 8/25
Talca ⛅ 13/24
Concepcion ☁️ 10/18
Temuco 🌧 7/13
Valdivia 🌧 7/11
Puerto Montt 🌧 8/11
Coyhaique ❄ 0/8
Punta Arenas 🌧🌨 -2/5

Isla de Pascua 🌦 18/23
J. Fernandez ☁️ 11/15
Antartida ❄ -8/-1

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This guy seems to be a nice guy.I hope he makes more music.

Naufal Rama

@Moammar Zharrief Haqqani kelas?

Moammar Zharrief Haqqani

@Naufal Rama iya

Naufal Rama

@Moammar Zharrief Haqqani apakah anda bocah esempe?

keara fuhrmaneck

oh- my god i cant even like i honestly just said out loud "THIS MAN HAS BEEN DEAD FOR GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW LONG" (ik ur just doing some dark humor) but just why lol

Jodi Stanton

@wenqi cui oh hell yeah! He was a genius who composed by vibrations and feel! Imagine... If he could come back and see how his work changed he world! Then imagine trying to teach him American Sign Language and all the horrible slang of today 🤦‍♀️

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Budget Productions

No matter how far in the future we go, Mozart's songs will never die

The power of the WEED !

His music is 300 years old and it's still excellent 👍

wenqi cui

oh yes very nice comment for this genius!

Sway Abae

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