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Confutatis maledictis
by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Broseph H

This is the definition of “heavy music”

Lyrics translated from Latin:

When the accursèd have been condemned
And doomed to the searing flames,
Summon me with the saved.

Suppliant and prostrate, I entreat you,
My heart as spent as ashes,
Have care for my fate.


David White

Willing Ackerman l

Siranush Muradian

@My Master, Jehovah who are you?
What is wrong with you?
I'm surprised somebody like you even listens to mozart.

My Master, Jehovah

@Max Dynis 666 hail satan plz sub. lol god not god duality theory fuck jehovah religion should die. jesus was fake. jehovy jahweh-haaha is fake LMFAO u worship false fake gods lmao.

Tim Brandes

@Max Dynis I think, that maybe, just maybe, he may be a little mentally crazy.

Max Dynis

My Master, Jehovah, I checked out ur channel and u got some weird stuff

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_Nika _

-Do you have it?
+You go too fast
ONE MOMENT PLEASE, one moment...

Roberto Sanchez

All times Masterpiece.

My Master, Jehovah

God is actually the illuminati attempt to control the population. same with Islam. its a divide and conquer scenarrio. Jesus was a snake-man who tried to seduce humanity, don't follow his teachings!!!!!

Samuele Chessa

-Now, Trumpets and Timpani, Tonic and Dominant first and third beats... It gOEs wiTh tHE haRMoNy!!!

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