Don Giovanni
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Lyrics

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Reverb Twang

You know what is even more amazing ? The musicians that played it without even one rehearsal , lol . Poor band


@Nastrael Rowe It isn't that easy as you make it out to be. This piece is so hard and I have played it myself. Everyone in my orchestra had atleast some type of a problem with it. But I guess we aren't that gifted to play like mozart.

El Boel


Reverb Twang

@El Boel fuck you

El Boel


《 Acsaha 》

If Mozart composed it earlier, they could've practiced but he did it in the morning of the day it is premiered so yeah...

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Mário Neto

Actually, Mozart had already created the piece in his mind, but he procrastinated writing it down to the last second. In the last day, his wife obligated him to spend the whole night writing it. The papers were handed at 7 am the day it would premiere.

Liam Hair

How? Then the ocherstra wouldn't have practiced, and Mozart would probably want the music being well played.


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@Alice it was his job

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