The Magic Flute
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If you love that part, I recommend listening to more music from the baroque era. That specific kind of progression, the fifth progression, is incredibly common for development of the melody. I'll give you an example from Johann Sebastian Bach.

Another example, also by Bach

In general, if you want amazing works like these, search for pieces by Bach in minor keys.

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Sidharth Warrier

Mozart's uncle came to visit him when he was young and due to an allergy he sneezed . Mozart immediately confirmed that his Uncle indeed sneezed in a E flat .



Spencer duncan

@Claudia H yes there is

kitkat kittens kittys


Harry Cocker

@Sidharth Warrier epic

Sidharth Warrier

Wow , this is me four years from that comment . Different phone , different account . 16 year old me would have been proud to have seen this ! :)

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This guy looks familiar.  I think I heard some of his stuff before.  His stuff is kinda decent.  Hope he comes out with some new hits.  His band sounds nice in this one.

pixelmon 16

@Jane Esplana you used two word who are not made to be together 😂


@Jane Esplana You serious? Send my regards to his family. I thought his music was pretty good, just, too many notes.

Jane Esplana

he died lol

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