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Wonsonlue Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Thanks so much for listening everyone! :) Allow the music to take you to a beautiful, dreamy place!

A Walkthrough by Forbidden Kraken

Best music for studying!

Mr. Stupid

Its so sad seeing how underrated your music is. More people should see your stuff. Im not even joking this Album has made my days better and so has the rest of your music. It's moving and each song moves me in a different way its like magic.


If you could do a part 2 I'll be all over that playlist as much as this one


im big faaaaaaaaaan


One of favourite instrumental uploads!

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Jasmyn Media

As an artist this definitely inspires me to get back to creating...feel like writing or creating some visuals...much appreciated


cool channel btw


Awesome instruments 😄

clay owlglass

Your artwork is always so magical, it immediately transports me to a different world...When I first started listening to chillhop I had such severe CPTSD that I couldn't even look at a photograph, any photograph, because it would trigger flashbacks. I would also become incredibly overstimulated listening to complex music (I do closed captioning professionally and have profound hyperacusis and misophonia), so chillhop was the perfect solution on all accounts! After years of EMDR I am in a much better place mentally but I still love all the artists you give a platform to, both musical and visual!

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