Wotan, Spartacus: We need your help!

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by Wotan

Like a wild beast
You've been fighting in the bloody show
Slave against slave
For the pleasure of the crowd
But now swords and tridents
Are for your tormentors
Never again chains for you
Freedom or death

An army of slaves
Follows you to escape
You're ready to die
For your rights

Freedom is dead
Killed by whip of oppression
Now the iron bites your flesh
Now you can see the tyrant
You're spurring your horse
And are running to kill
But iron continues to wound
You can only fall

Six thousands crosses on the hill
Is the tragic
Epilogue of the only just war
Of all the times

Scream of rage for the free man
He wants to break these cruel chains
A cry of war of the wild man
Death is better than the slavery
So die for your rights

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