My Last Words
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My life's on time, but again my sense is late
Feel a might unsteady, but still I have to play
Six to one's the odds and we have the highest stakes
Once again I gamble with my very life today
Highly polished metal, the oil makes it gleam
Fill the terror chamber, your mind begins to scream
Your life is like a trigger, never trouble 'til you're squeezed
Now you crack a smile as you give the gun a tease

Place the pistol down, now give the gun a spin
Soon as the spinning stops, oh no, the game starts in
A hateful way of vengeance, a bit of playful sin
Load another bullet, the second round begins
A couple grains of powder, a couple grams of lead
A touch against the trigger, a touch inside the head
Take another drink and raise the last bets
Think about my last words, they might be what I just said

A click comes from the hammer that couldn't drive a nail
Sense the numbing cold blue or the red of Hades' grill
A fraction of a second, do you lose, or maybe still?
Pass it to the left, and collect your mighty kill
Add another bullet, the third round begins
Soon as the spinning stops, oh no, the game starts in
Please, no IOUs, no markers for death
Does anybody play? Anybody? Somebody? Anybody play?

Instrumental Break]

You, you, next victim
You, next to die
You, you, next victim
You, your turn to die
You, come on, next victim
You, your turn to die
You, come on, next victim
You, your turn to die
You... die!

Writer(s): Chian Queen, Stephawn Lindsay

Contributed by Dylan L. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

Tori Janea

I love this song. This shit will ever get old

Dre Black

Brings back all the high school memories when I was a gogo head.

Bryona Garris

My last words my song still listing to it in 2019 these are my last words to my baby father

Chian Queen

Bryona Garris lol thank you girl πŸ₯°

dev2time gang

this song goes hard good job xib

Chante Williams

Who still listening in 2019 tho πŸ‘€

Chian Queen

Chante Williams omg thank youuuuu!!!

natural_ beauty 25

This song remind of my baby father r.i..p Ricky love this song

Chian Queen

natural_ beauty 25 thank you so much 😊


Loveee this me and nyah used to stay in bed all day listening to this

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