Ya, ya, wait, fuck did you mean?
I put your mama mouth right on that bean, lean
Right, dead on your knees
Bitch said he 'bout it but I disagree
Uh, yah, fuck nigga test
I put that blade in your motherfucking neck
Uh, yah, I am the best
When it come to ranking bitch I am a vet, aye
She jerk my dick she got blisters, aye
I just might shoot at your mister, aye
Sharpen my dick through my zipper, aye
My shit got stuck need assistance, aye
Beat on your pussy like Satan, aye
Light up the booth like we're naked, aye
One chopper lit, I spit donkey shit
Clean up your mouth you need trident, yeah
I'm shitting on 'em and you constipate
Fucking your daughter is my contemplate
Pussy you little so don't come for me
All of these bitches want my ding-a-ling
Not to mention but, her pussy tingling
Rub on my belly like I'm Ski, ya see
These pussy niggas think they tweak with me
Shoot up your mother for that regency

Please don't test me
Please don't test me
Please don't test me (uh)
Cut off your dick and then I feed it to your bestie (uh)
Please don't test me
Please don't test me
Please don't test me (uh)
Cut off your dick and then I feed it to your bestie (uh)

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David-Ioan Pop

Here are the (?), from what I heard and I understood from X's lyrics:

0:03 = Momma mouth right on that bean
0:32 = What’s up with all of that donkey shit
0:45 = Action with shower (idk exactly if is "shower")
0:48 = Ski, you see
0:52 = For that weed you see

If something is wrong tell me

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code black

Satan himself is scared of XXXTENTACION now


@WhoCares ImWhite I'm pretty sure everyone wants to know who tf is god💀 that argument was made a year ago and it still sounds dumb Af💀


@MrPizzaWizard First, your comment made no sense, Second this was years ago, Third Satan is afraid of God. Go away with your ignorant remarks because I don't want to see them. Also, of course it's my belief otherwise I wouldn't have said anything. 😐 #1 on my block list ❤ .....


@SAI• uHHHH. Not real, your beliefs anyway.


@sneaky bandit uhhh... English this time??

Zac Senior

@Fixez You're a dumbass

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bob harrison

who is still rocking this in 2020

Paris McLaurin



Me 2021


pov your still here in 2021

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