The Fall

Fool's gold is a common man's trash
I've seen God, I've seen devils, I've seen many men
Mothers, children, fathers
I've seen The Fall
Fuck the naysayers, the conformants

Black Benz, and the
Black friends, when the
Nigga feelin' so killer could put a kids in a
Chokehold, them living with no soul
A pity, how niggas pity me, kitty with no goals
I jump, fall, neck snaps, I slip not
I told 'em cold in the weather so we can get-got
M5, two of them, we fucked in
And I remember December when you was tucked in place
Is the place, man it's cold
And they chose this place so you could never fall
So beware because the fall is all we know
An empty corpse around parading in the snow

Aye, aye, aye, aye, aye
Yea, yeah
Aye, yea

This is it
Yea, this is all we know, this is all we know
This is-this is it
Yea, y-y-y-yea
This is-th-this is all we know, this is all we know
This is it
Yea, yea, yea
This is all we know, this is all we know
This is it
Yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea, yea

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Danny Rivera

Will never stop listening to this.

What a king, man. This man had an incredible sense of expression. These dark harrowing tones and haunting melodies, he made them sound so beautiful (which to me they already are) with that talent to be able to ease his voice with the instrumentals. Theme of the song and delivery is truly one of a kind as was with all his other music.

I loved the old X and loved also where he was going as he grew. Raw talent. But something about the old X, was. Different. imo.

“This is it.”

RIP, legend. LLJ forever

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Chloe Eliza

I wish people wouldn't just listen to "look at me" and say X is trash, if they listened to songs like this they would know he's very talented

Mikey LaPine

this specific song was made in such a way to where you can literally apply it to any given situation.

Micheal Kop


old me

Serenity Garza

@zAdosin27 ahh so peaceful and serene


Look at me is Beautiful

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Ennis Dearing

Old or New who cares if you a fan I hope you are a fan that understands him than them other fools.

Mikey LaPine

This song in specific, was purposefully made in such a way, to where you can literally apply it to any given situation.

old me


@1ows 3 years ago now

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