lOvE yOuRsElF

What you doin'?
Laying in a bikini
You sure?
Yeah I'm okay. What are you doing?
I'm in the studio

Ooh ahh, love yourself
Take no chances, fuck that nigga
I say ooh, ahh
Ooh ahh, love yourself
Take no chances, fuck that nigga
I say ooh, ahh

Stop lying

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Written by: Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy, John Cunningham

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The Groovy Guitar Dude

For anyone who wants to play this on guitar, here's how for beginners :)

- Standard Tuning - Capo 7th Fret -

- Chord Progression Through Entire Song -
Em7, Am7, C

- Strumming/Picking for Each Chord -

Em7 - Single ↓ strum; then slap
Am7 (with a 3rd fret on B string added) - Single down strum
Picking after Am7 -
G| 2
B| 1p0
C - ↓↑ ↓↑↓ ↓


Hope this helps you out! If you get stuck or need a little extra help, I just posted a video lesson for this on my channel :)


What you doin'?
Laying in a bikini
You straight?
Yeah, I’m okay
What are you doing?
I’m in the studio
What? It’s recording
On this side I put love, and on this side I put evil
I’m trying to heal, uh
Nigga, you tryna steal, how you gon' steal my sauce?
‘Cause I love you the most
Stop lying

Andrea Alaniz

In case y’all where trying to figure out what they where talking about :)

Taylor: hello?
X: what you doing
Taylor: playing with kitty
X: you straight
Taylor: yeah I’m ok, what are you doing
X: I’m sleeping
I couldn’t really understand but they where talking about Taylor’s tattoos and X was laughing
Taylor: I’m trying to heal
X: tch you tryna steal, you tryna steal my sauce
X: stop lying
Taylor: noo

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this song is so short but so beautiful

young savage831

Honestly you right

Duck Pomegranate




hOlugdfG hOlugdfG


trxsh gxng

Martin Da GOAT agreed

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"U straight"
"Yea im ok"
I wish people asked if he was ok more


wheatsticks are you good I won't to know please tell me

Riyah Jonhson

Are u ok

You see me Everywhere

Well if people ask if you're ok and you say yes but you're not and you don't show that anything's wrong with you people don't have any reason to think there's something wrong with you

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