Dust Lane
Yann Tiersen Lyrics

We are boys and girls

Of the new world treading young.

We just want to find something.

We just want to lose control

Of our thoughts... of our thoughts....

Contributed by Nathaniel O. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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Comments from YouTube:

N.C. Lightning

I once saw Tiersen in concert. I remember going in not knowing what to expect... I wasn't expecting such pure beauty. There was no flashy lights, no alien clothes (in fact, I don't remember doing much other than playing music.) But one thing is for sure... I will never forget that memorable night. I wouldn't be who I am today if it wasn't for discovering Yann Tiersen. Forever live as Tiersen.

Jadon Harper

N.C. Lightning same


I got this album shortly after it came out while I was still in high school. Each song on this album collected memories during those few months when I was listening to it on repeat and now the album acts as a time capsule. This song in particular is associated with my first date with my first girlfriend in Chicago, and I relive one of the happiest days of my life each time I hear it. Thank you Yann.

sebastian gastelum

Desde hace mas de 10 anios he escuchado esta cancion , no sabria aun despues de todo este tiempo describir con precision lo que esta cancion hace dentro mio cuando cierro los ojos y me dejo llevar

Y Miau

Le tengo que dar gracias a Yann por hacerme sentir cosas inexplicables, lo amo en verdad. Seré su eterna agradecida si regresa nuevamente a México pronto.


This is an amazing song, very different from what he ususally ceated. It's a step in a direction I like. The entire album is different, and I like it.

Adrya Lorena

Essa música me dá arrepios! No bom sentido, lindo!

Lucas Monteiro

Adrya Lorena Realmente é linda!!! Andar pelas florestas da Europa escutando ela é como se teletransportar à outra dimensão

Alex Alanis Kiske

Essa música me leva à outra dimensão.

Gabriela Colunga, Gabs

Sí, realmente fue sorprendente verlos, esa atmósfera provocada en el Teatro de la Ciudad no se olvida !

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