La Redécouverte
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None of your buisness

This song sounds like the highs and lows of childhood, such a short song because it’s gone in the blink of an eye

Lilly D

So true 🥺


i know a girl.
she's bubbly and sweet, she laughs at every dumb little quip i tell, as unfunny as they may be. i can talk to her about pretty much anything- i don't think i've ever come off as creepy to her. she's a hardline pacifist, she literally wouldn't hurt a fly. despite how awkward i am, she doesn't care. she always seems to understand me whenever i think my stutter or poor choice of words is getting in the way of comprehension.
whenever i see her, this song begins to play in my head.

Ethan Dan Sung Kim

Need updates! 😂

Jas Bataille

I know a girl
Exactly like that
And today she sent me this song
After I told her
I love her
And my heart
sings along

Iva Zadro

this is one of the cutest and purest things i've read in a while.

paula gonzalez cuellar

Ahora me recuerda a mis hijos, siempre la relacione con música para bebés, ahora yo tengo los míos ❤️

Pau Romera

Infravalorar esta obra auditiva llena de sentimientos y emociones debería ser pecado. Amélie nos hizo ver más allá del amor, más allá de lo carnal. Esta canción nos hace ver más allá de Amélie.

Maeva Robert

This soundtrack is so cool !!!!

Lilly D

Whenever I hear a toy piano playing 🎹

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