Le matin
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Oh my…

Overall Meaning

Le matin, by Yann Tiersen, is a song with a dreamlike enchanting melody. The lyrics of the song are sparse, no more than a few words, yet they carry a profound message. The first word of the song, "Oh my..." is an exclamation used when someone is surprised or taken aback by something. The following lyrics of the song, "dis-moi ce qui ne va pas" (tell me what is wrong) indicate a tone of care and concern. The singer seems to be asking someone close to them if something is wrong, and implies that they are willing to listen and support this person.

The rest of the song carries on with simple yet powerful descriptions of nature, such as "the streams that flow" and "the rising sun." The singer of the song is observing the beauty around them, implying that they are aware of the beauty of the world despite the possible hardships someone around them might be going through. The message conveyed in the song is that even in the darkest moments someone can still find moments of beauty and hopefulness.

Line by Line Meaning

Oh my...
This phrase is used to express surprise or shock

Que la montagne est belle
How beautiful the mountains are

How beautiful the mountains are
Expressing admiration for the beauty of the mountains

Comment allez-vous
How are you

How are you
Asking about someone's well-being

Comme un lundi matin
Like a Monday morning

Like a Monday morning
Illustrating the feeling of the start of a new week

Que je t'aime
How I love you

How I love you
Expressing intense feelings of love

Vivre avec toi
Living with you

Living with you
Expressing a desire or appreciation for coexistence with someone

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:



Les falaises sont coupées avec l'aile de l'hirondelle.
Et, dans ces sanctuaires d'oiseaux sauvages,
Les chansons chantées sont pour vous.

Depuis que mon ange bien-aimé est mort,
Ceux qui cherchent me trouveront dans cet abîme,
Ses cheveux m'attachaient les mains.
Stars est un toboggan magique.
Pour comprendre le trouble d'une pierre..
Chanter aux fleurs.
Où j'ai laissé mon coeur.

mec nuage,
Comme ses cheveux sont beaux.
L'odeur t'emporterait maintenant
C'est comme les vents ivres que vous attendiez.

Mon coeur,
petites mains blanches tenant de la neige,
Ne t'a-t-il pas touché une fois ?
Personne ne peut connaître votre douleur;
quelle mère
Ni aucun autre amant.

All comments from YouTube:


one of the most beautiful melodies on earth so wonderfully played


Il n'y a pas de mots pour décrire ce que j'éprouve en écoutant Yann Tiersen ! <3




This song saved me during the darkest period of my life.


the post-rock band (modern classical) hammock saved me during my darkest period


@Ricky ludovico einaudi - una mattina for me.


Me too. Greetings for you and good vibes!


Actually same. In 2013. I was listening only to this song for a month. During the worst depression I've ever had
I'm really glad you're okay now


Its happening the same with me

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This piece is just perfect, it gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. It reminds me of all of the good times, and my stress dissapears. Tiersen is amazing, he is my favourite musician of all time! Stay amazing!

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