Penn Ar Roc'h
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Hermoso. Gracias grande Yann Tiersen, tu música nos eleva eleva el espíritu ante tanta violencia vivida en el mundo, ante tanto odio y sufrimiento. Desde México un un gran abrazo.

Sergio Sauceda

Esperando se estabilice pronto la situacion de pandemia en el mundo y tener la oportunidad de poder escuchar y ver en vivo a este genio de nuestra musica contemporanea! Esa musica, que como bien lo comentas, te regala reforzadores de esperanza!!! Yann Tiersen, grandisimo!!!

Hanne Chi

Dodero8 Disse tudo!

Laura AC

¡Debería venir de nuevo!

Too Luuke

This piece is so deep. It's like he's saying "do you remember about those beautiful days?".
So nostalgic, so deep ..

Modi Tekke

I think this song is the only thing that's stopping me from hurting myself. Right now, at this particular moment, I thank you Yan Tiersen for being so beautiful.


@Modi Tekke Glad you are ok! We just saw the comment!

Valeriy Martynov

@Modi Tekke Your comment was five years ago, but the search engine shows it in the top. I think it's no coincidence. Many face difficulties, many have the "Vietnam syndrome", although there is no war, and the help of friends is invaluable. Hold the steering wheel properly!

Modi Tekke

@fat girl Thanks for asking. I’m fine. A lot of stress and anxiety though. We just lost a partner at work the other day to suicide. She was a good woman. You see people who look they got it all but still deep inside they’re fighting their own demons. Wow, my comment was 5 years ago, so much changed since then.

fat girl

Are u ok ?

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