Soir de fête
Yann Tiersen Lyrics


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Toujours autant de bonheur à écouter c'est douce note

Bastien Delagneau

du génie

Houda Kachou

Can someone tell me the name of the final song? It was my lullaby carillon when I was a child :')


La valse des monstres

Houda Kachou

@K B are you sure?

Houda Kachou

@K B I meant, in the last minute of this (soir the fete) there’s a famous lullaby that I couldn’t find :(


@Houda Kachou I think it’s zip a dee doo dah from song of the south.


Music Box of Zip a Dee Doo Dah and I have & love it

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Анастасія Михтонюк

Amazing :) I hear here mandolin

Ângelo Ghosts

:, ) crying inside

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