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Blessing Shrine
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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All that mystery and wonder is lost when you decide to say i'm going to play this game and beat it to full completion.
The only thing you can do after that is perfect your skill and play master mode till you have become the best.
Only to push yourself further and further till you say i'm done playing this game and move on while they game sits and you may pick it up once in awhile, but when you are finished with it

........ it sits there collecting dust decaying and being lost to time while this song plays over and over again spiritually till it completely decays and the music finally stops as it fades away then there is an eerie silence for eternity.

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I think a solved shrine's BGM turns into this one if revisited! Really neat small detail.

Desmond Schneider

I noticed this too


The only exceptions are tests of strengths (including major+, excluding the teaching shrine), which will always play the normal shrine music no matter if a guardian is present or not.

Nintendo Fanatic

i actually never noticed that


Yes I like this one better!

Landon & Emma

@MundanePhysics thx

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Listening to this after trailing a korok who moved LIKE A FUCKING SNAIL through the lost woods is worth it.


@flossingjonah He's so cute though, I remember being frustrated but it was a cute quest


That was the single worst shrine quest ever. Like you get spotted just for less than a second, you do the whole thing all over again!


I never realized that these kinds of shrines had different themes. I like how this one is calmer - it makes sense. :)

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