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Calamity Ganon Battle
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Let's think about this for a moment.

Ganon sacrificed being actually sentient for raw force.

He was still capable of a little thought before Link came, such as being able to spread his influence and revive enemies using the Blood Moon, but at the end of the day, it all just boiled down to "CONVERT....MATERIAL.... ABNORMAL....MATERIAL.... MATERIAL...HATE! DETEST..." (If you got that reference, kudos to you.)

Then he became Dark Beast Ganon and sacrificed what slivers of sanity and strength he had left to attain ultimate power, in one last ditch effort to kill Link and annihilate the world.

He had sacrificed so much to do evil, that he became the embodiment of evil.

At this point, the influence from when he once wielded the Triforce of Power, or being the reincarnation of Demise, has been mangled and corrupted, slowly corroding him, to the point where he doesn't even think and is just pure, formless evil. He doesn't destroy for a reason; he just is, much like a hurricane or an earthquake, hence why he's called the Calamity Ganon.

In short: Ganon, over the course of the ages and possibly from the curse of Demise, essentially became Gigyas.

꧁Ein Abonnent weniger꧂

When I first fought him on Master Mode, I was under pressure. I wanted to finish that fight before midnight,
so I had leave Vah Naboris behind. I finished Thunderblight, and the Final Boss entered the stage.
And there I stood, running out of food, with my enemy gaining back his health. My weapons were all broken,
only the Master Sword didn't leave me. I tried all that I could, to stay and fight. It was a long and though fight,

but finally managed to corner him into his second phase.
It was hard to dodge, and even harder to parry, and he wouldn't stop healing. But then, in a sudden change of
I set back my save point cause I saw I was getting nowhere. I quickly freed Urbosa, returned, and after a brief
and easy fight, I won.
So kids, what does this story tell us? Never meet the final boss unprepared!


This stage in master mode is actually kinda difficult. He just runs away and heals back to half health. You essentially have to play perfectly to kill him.

Or just get him down once and spam bomb arrows with a 5 arrow savage lynel bow, that works too.

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And to think... Ganon's real weakness was the friends we made along the way.


Any% is laughing



me pica el bul

Kingdom hearts moment

Master Cyclonis

@Legendary Collins get out with that shite

Legendary Collins

What about the Nuclear Weapon arsenal that the United States of America Gave to Hyrule as a gift for being there for the Hylian Military seriously relied on the Americans for a Calamity Ganon Apocalyptic Execution Missile Ending to this war . Link has a launch key and codes for firing the Nuclear Missiles so set off the Nuclear Weapon Sirens

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When he fired that explosive orb I thought it was gonna be one of those classic tennis matches with me hitting it back to Ganon and Ganon hitting it back to me.

Oh was I wrong.

jOsEheRi Gonzalez

I felt ashamed for not trying to play tennis with him, but it's even more shameful that it isn't a tennis match!
C'mon Nintendo! It's been a thing since A Link to the Past!


Dude same

Cheap Gravy713


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