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Divine Beast Vah Medoh
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Link: WHOA! Guardian-type lasers! Better watch out; I don't have Daruk's Protection up here!
Turret: [shoots]
Link: HAHAHAHA! Nyahh nyahh nyah nyah nyahh! You missed me by a mile!
Turret: [shoots]

Link: Pbbt, this thing couldn't hit the broad side of a Hylian barn! [nocks arrow]
Turret: [shoots]

Link: Uh...I was kind of moving slowly there. Okay, you get a free penalty shot!
Turret: [shoots]

Link: Oh, COME ON! I was standing still! [blows up turret]
LinkL Yo, Teba! You don't need to draw these things' fire anymore! They're slow!
Teba: Yeah, I've been noticing you haven't been getting hit! I'm staying up here so I can help any way I can!
[one battle later]
Teba: Take THAT, you stupid rock! Let's see if we can do any damage to Windblight Ganon from up-[hits leg on Medoh's forcefield] OWWW! DAMMIT
Link: You okay down there?!
Teba: I knocked my leg on the forcefield! Got hit pretty badly! The rest is up to you, Link!
[one Blight Ganon battle later]
Link: Ugg...I think I went overkill with those Mighty Elixirs. Gotta save those for Vah Naboris. Hold on.
Link: [glides over to the busted turrets and pees on them]
Link: Aaahh...that's better. Now nobody can use this worthless rock lump ever again.
Revali: Well, well. You actually managed to...why does it smell like urine?
Link: Your Beast's defenses suck, you overgrown hunk of poultry.

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i personally felt it was waaay cooler trying to get into the Divine Beasts rather than the actual bosses. it was quite clever and so damn cool


HackerHaunter yea especially Ruta


HackerHaunter Lol so right

Jaime Luciano Bonilla

GoldenZombie Playz ruta id the boss!🐘


HackerHaunter That's because they are way easier, the interior is the hard one, so we don't get off that easily, see?


Jaime Luciano Bonilla VAH RUDANIA FOR LIFE! 🦎(not the theme, I just really like that divine beast)

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Alpha Bulblax

I'm sure others have realized it by now, but the Divine Beasts names are based on prominent characters from their respective races.
Vah Naboris - Nabooru
Vah Rudania - Darunia
Vah Ruta - Ruto
Vah Medoh - Medli

《Error 101》: Name not found.

I only played ocarina of time, and not windwaker, and i kept wondering why medoh was named after mido, than I read the divine beast zeldapedia. Medli is was cooler. How stupid of me.

Miguel Valle

What about vah part at the beginning?


I could already figure out where Ruta's name came from but really, Ruta should replace Medoh's name I mean come one Ruta and RITO just match right?

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