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Divine Beast Vah Medoh Battle
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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MyHeartisFullBeauty is Lehilina

My Opinion on all the Medoh, Revali, and Windblight Ganon Music (this'll be like a book report xd)

Attacking Medoh (This one)
Obviously, the sound of battle and to go and do your duty is in here, but then it adds Revali's theme, which is obviously the sad part where it makes you cry. It tells how Revali is trapped in there and hopefully waiting for you to come get him, and not doubting you'll not die. This is very sad if you think of it.

Start in Vah Medoh
Eerie, like Ruta. It starts as a plain sound, just crashing on the keyboards which, in most movies, is very creepy.

1 Terminal Active
It adds more sounds, but makes it sound more mysterious and mystical, but still pretty terrifying.

2 Terminals Active
Adding more sounds, which makes it more uneasy, and the sound gets lower. As if Revali were silently weeping and worrying that you won't free him to see his people and Zelda again...

3 Terminals Active
From the look of it, like Ruta and all the other Divine Beasts, you realize it looks so sick and want to destroy Ganon with hatred. You get used to the eerie sounds and are somewhat fine with them while you figure out how to get the other terminals active, but cautious still.

4 Terminals Active
Now it has even more eerie sounds, and adds more noted to make it somewhat sound like Revali is warning you.

All Terminals Active
It's now very hype, and you suddenly get more worried. The faster it plays, it sounds encouraging but cautious. Again, you're tasked with going to the main control unit if you've freed other Divine Beasts. You know what'll happen if you've freed others, but if this is your first one you don't know what's gonna happen.

Windblight Ganon Phase 1
Boom, you're hit with another one of your five nightmares and immediately start panicking. The music is so intense when you get farther in.

Windblight Ganon Phase 2
More faster and still pressured on you. It gives you more courage somehow, though. After you've defeated the blight, you need to activate Vah Medoh to it's former self now, and again, if you've freed other Divine Beasts you'll know what'll happen, but if not you hope to free Revali in his full bod-

Revali's Spirit Cutscene
Sadness immediately hits you when you hear the song. Like Mipha, since it's more calmer than Urbosa's and Daruk's you can tell how he was respected by the Rito and how he wanted to be a light to them, and had eyes on Zelda. When the song gets softer, it tells how after Calamity Ganon hit Medoh and it was his last breath , he was filled with sadness that he couldn't see his people or Zelda again. After giving you his power, he's somewhat happier and the music can lift your hopes up, of him helping you fight Ganon.

Wings of Wolfe

How my attack on Vah Medoh went-(2nd divine beast I did, I had master sword because I was overprepared)

Still 0% accuracy…..took me forever

Enter divine beast, and forgets how to do puzzles and now I need to use google and that’s no fun


Ravioli ravioli give me the updraftioli obtained :D

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Loved hearing this leitmotif throughout the Wind Temple in Tears of the Kingdom

Antoinette Chanel

Such a triumphant surprise.


i was relistening to this and i’m like “i’ve heard this somewhere before”😂

Skye Jensen

Playing through this section at night during a snow/thunder storm was nothing short of amazingly epic


@EDELITEED ELITE yeah bro, the other day i was playing zelda and the time was turning stormy, so i got link to hide in a safe spot and shut down my house, dammn bro, all that lightning strikes coming out of the game could have destroyed my house, i hate zelda storms

Chocov 123

​@Lamxdblessed Are you saying that the storm that came over that part of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild actually caused a storm around where you were in real life?


@Chocov 123 it was a sarcastic comment for a guy that took this very seriously and stupidly

A Queer Whovian, Mother and Pikmin fan

I had it during a blood moon in my case it was extremely epic

Traitor Lord

Song That Might Play When You Crack An Egg In Rito Village

Mazda Miata

I don't even know what to say~

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