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Divine Beast Vah Rudania
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Family Grimes

This song is so underrated in opinion all because of Vah Ruta. I don'r have anything against Vah Ruta, I REALLY like that Divine Beast. Probably more than Rudania but like geez, guys. We all like Ruta, now let's play attention to the others.

It's okay if you disagree. Everyone has an opinion and I respect that. :D

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No Name

Zora: We need you to get Shock Arrows from a Lynel to use on Vah Ruta
Gerudo: Here's some Bomb Arrows to use on Vah Naboris
Rito: Here's some Bomb Arrows to use on Vah Medoh
Goron: We have a guy that we shoot at Vah Rudania

Doen Snikduj

Far too fitting

Maxime Le Ninja

Lol true.


A teenage boy with pointed ears climbing up a volcano with a threatening name while avoiding flying robot guards who trigger a giant robot lizard possessed by an oversized boar spirit to smack the volcano with a threatening name resulting in ash and boulders to rain down as he guides a fat yellow man with tiny legs and giant hands to large cannons powered by blue bombs on an ancient IPad so he can hit the big lizard and force him to move

Amazing and Brilliant

Sounds like a typical day of a modern teenage life. Nothing that weird.




he is 117 but i get what you mean


Omg, I never noticed Gordon legs, lol.


Mystic Clouds we'll probably 118-119 seeing as he would be able to go to the great lanaryu Spring with zelda on her 17th birthday

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I wandered all around the vulcano, defeating all the Guardians... then I realized I had to go ALL the way BACK because I hadn't used the canons xD

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