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Divine Beast Vah Rudania Battle
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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So if I understand correctly :

Mipha was impaled.

Daruk was absorbed by the fire shield of FireBlight Ganon.

Ravioli died because he was in on of these tornado that WindBlight Ganon shoot.

And Urbosa was electrocuted twice and benheaded or cut in two.

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miguel arturo palomares ruiz

Something amazing about va rudania Is that It keeps the cheerful spirit of Daruk.

You can feel how Daruk faced death with a smile on His face.

As a true leader a true king for his people, for his friends, for his loved ones he would gladdly give His life to fulfill His duty.

A true king, a true warriors a true hero.


sadly he didnt have as much influence as others


Daruk is my favorite


Yeah it gives flashbacks to the Darmani Song of Healing scene in Majora's Mask - already back then I found this to be one of the strongest, most emotional Zelda cutscenes - he was celebrated, cheered on by his people - yet he failed them and feels huge sorrow for them, and gets haunted by this

Cobalt Gears

"I'm the fearless Daruk, after all! And if Hyrule needs my help, I'll gladly lay down my life."

~ Daruk (Breath of the Wild: Champions' Ballad)


But most importantly, a real brother


The first time I played BOTW I was stuck looking for the terminal behind the flames but I wasn't even mad or frustrated because I was enjoying the music, Rudania has the best music out of all the Divine beast imo




It's so unique how to open that door. I'm more surprised at my younger self for succeeding in that part to get that terminal because of what you must do in order to open the door.

For those who don't know, to open the door (eye hole), you must first obtain the torch given to you in one of the first chests inside the Divine Beast. Then, light it up with blue fire, and get ready to launch it through the hole. The fire would light up the pedestal seen through the eye hole. There's a reason why the torch is modified with a throw increase.

The most original youtuber

@Mylyfeya how we did it was that we drew an arrow, lit it on the blue flame then launched it through the hole.

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