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Divine Beast Vah Ruta
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Normally I would fight the divine beasts in this order:

Vah Ruta - Vah Medoh - Vah Nabooris - Vah Rudania

But I have to say the easiest way would be:

Vah Medoh - Vah Rudania - Vah Nabooris - Vah Ruta

I chose this because
-Medoh is hella easy
-Protection useful against Nabooris which is a living nightmare
-and Ruta is amazing and a perfect finish to defeating all divine beasts, also you can just carry a crap ton of hearty durian concoctions and use Urbosa's Fury

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Account of the Ultra Imaginators

The reason this fight seems so powerful compared to the other ones is the emotion and what's at stake. Unlike a damage to their pride like for the Rito, a drop in tourism like for the Gorons, or a threat to a town like for the Gerudo, this battle could decide the fate of the kingdom even before Zelda runs out of power. If you fail this, the entire kingdom of Hyrule could be flooded, even beyond Wind Waker levels. As for emotion, when you fight Vah Ruta, you aren't just fighting for a friend or rival. You are fighting for the soul of the one who loved you, and still does, even in death. That is why battling Divine Beast Vah Ruta seems more powerful than all the others.

Brute Studios

@therealsamasima and the Goron's?

Brute Studios

@thetexican98 I stumbled onto that whole quest line looking for memories

Brute Studios

@Papaya this is Shrek's kingdom now...


I think you meant "WHAT'S LEFT of the kingdom of Hyrule".

Jessie Flores

Holy crap you are right.

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When you realize you can use Cryosis on those ice projectiles...

A. K. Pedroza

OMG Watching this I realize it wasn't that obvious for some folks


@Menph it isnt my first zelda, and i also did those things

Zappi Boi

Damn it, can’t turn back now

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