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Divine Beast Vah Ruta Battle
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


Wow this is amazing great work dude! :)


ClefferNotes So true

Judah Banke

Hey this is great! Curious what DAW & libraries you use? Keep up the good work!


JUDAH haha I agree! No problem! Happy to help 😃

Judah Banke

Oh cool! I don't think I've met someone that uses Mixcraft before. Hey the NI stuff sounds good! I was curious to hear how they sound in a mix! I have the sonatina sfz's as well, they rock! Thanks for replying!


JUDAH Hey, glad you like it, as for my DAW, I'm using Mixcraft Pro Studio by Acoustica. The samples here are mainly from Native Instrument's Symphony Essentials lineup, that being the String ensemble, brass ensemble, and woodwind ensemble. The percussion is from a free library called "Sonatina Symphony Orchestra" hope this helps!

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