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Encounter with Yunobo
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Randolph Rosenberg

Why are all the helpers themes repurposed versions of the champions themes? Are all of themm descendants or related to them or what?

Like sidons theme is just a faster mipha

That ending of yunobos is the start of daruks

Teba is the same for revali

And while i havnt gotten to the last bit im willing to bet urbosa and her helper have the same connection

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The InfiDeer

It just now occurred to me- Yunobo was the only descendent to ever see their anscestor. I dunno, there's just something special about that.


@Ian Fian Riju is not Urbosa's daughter. She could be a descendant since the "Gerudo Chief" title seems to be hereditary, but it's also possible Urbosa had no children so a new chief from a different bloodline had to be chosen.

Ian Fian

None of the others were descendants of the champions. Sidon was mipha’s sister, Raiju was urbosa’s daughter, and teba was actually just in the same tribe as revali and had no family connections.

Double flores

It also occurred to me that Yunobo the only descendent of a champion because Sidon is Mipha’s brother, Riju is unconfirmed, and Teba has no relation to Revali.


Sidon don't get to see ghost Mipha.

Anthony Chan

Actually, the only ones with descendants were Urbosa and Daruk, because in Mipha’s case, they were dad and little brother, and in Revali’s case, Teba only wanted to free his home (Rito Village)

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to be quite honest, i love this guy and even though he wasn’t a huge character and didn’t get endless praise and love by the fandom, i really liked how his character grew and changed. after you finish the rudania quest and go back to goron city, if you talk to him again, he mentions how he used to be scared, but he feels like he really found his courage after fighting rudania with you, and it was a really touching moment.

another identity crisis

@potatoking rudania's pretty easy if you take care of the enemies ahead before calling him over


i think it's because boarding rudania is a pain because he always gets you caught.. save rudania for last everybody..


not to mention, he and daruk actually got closure, which made me cry more than i did during any other cutscene in the game

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