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Flight Range
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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billie a

revali is my favorite character... this song is so quiet and slow because it's dark and it's snowing. but going to the flight range after learning that it was him who asked for it to be made gives this song a totally different feeling and meaning. it makes you think... it was his flight range. now he's gone. but the place is still here. it makes me super sad.


@Lucian Starfruit eater i kinda know he's mean, but you know that's because he's short compared tp other ritos, in age of calamity he can fly, so that makes him the strongest aoc/botw champion


@Lucian Starfruit eater huh???

Lucian Starfruit eater

I like this comment BUT HEELLLL NOO


@Wild SkullKid thinking of revali just makes me feel sad, we never got to see his true good self


@Wild SkullKid speak to teba and he will be there with his son

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Ramen 404

The slow falling snow
Gliding on the whisper of a gale
Long vanished, though its echoes ring below

The crooked, aching limb
Of a friend, a martyr to flight
Long wasted, remembered in the snowy dim

Zach Williamson

This is the only song that has the capability to make me cry

Edit: Nevermind just discovered mipha's theme ohmygod why


I can agree, mipha is my favourite character as well as her theme. So beautiful and sorrowful at the same time.


@Fro5t It's one sided tho

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