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Gerudo Town
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Poison Arrow

I just play mine in English. Here's what mine are (i may not get some right, gerudo words confuse me):
Girl/Woman: Vai
Boy/Man: Voe
Welcome: Vasaaq
Good morning: Savotta
Good afternoon: Savaaq
Good night: Sav'saaba
Bye: Savorq
Thanks: Sarqso
Mother (i think): Vaba

Gummy Bearzz

Me jamming to Gerudo Town at 2x speed
Master Kohga walks in
"M-Master Kohga?! I-Its not what it looks like!"
"What's this, you like this more than my boss theme?!?"
Walks over, puts on headphones
"Good, cause I do too!"
Spends afternoon jamming out to Gerudo Town at 2x speed

Only in my dreams... ;-;

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This is one of my favorite places in the game. I'm not even doing the divine beasts I'm just hanging out here. What a lively city

Twilight Hero

Oh yeah totally, that’s 100% why I go there all the time…


@The Warden of Oz ok

The Warden of Oz

@Snuseywell this is my way of hating Nintendo. By implying that the modern overhyped, over-praised content is poop that is routinely polished by fanbois.


@The Warden of Oz first of all I hate Nintendo online and I don’t like Nintendo in general. I’m saying when people obsess over dungeons it reminds me how much I hate dungeons

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Sage Alpin

Sa'votta! I was listening to this while baking some lemon squares today, now I wait for them to cool and vibe while listening to this.

The Mime



I wasn’t expecting to get cravings from scrolling through comments


Putting this to 2 speed makes it sound like a miniboss

Carrots Art


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