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Gerudo Town
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Gemstone Chimera

Actually, if you want to analyze which town is the best you must think about economy, emplacement, accessibility and transport.

This is what I decided based on this idea:

Lurelin village: Beautiful place and village but too small, just a few villagers and 2 establishments. (worst place to live, 1/10).

Kakariko village: Many people, nice culture and characteristics. A bunch of nice establishments and it's near a few important locations and a stable (8/10).

Hateno Village: Kinda like Kakariko village but bigger and without the cool culture and less establishments. It's near the beach and the mountain so you can go on vacation tho (9/10).

Tarrey Town: Cute and small but the economy isn't that good and it's not really the best place to live if you're going to travel but Hebra is a beautiful region (7/10).

Goron City: It's a pity that it would be hard for people like us to live there because it would be the best place to live... If it weren't located in a volcano. Gorons are better friends than hylians (loyal and caring, even if they're not that intelligent) and have a few successful shops and a great economy due to the mineral market and they even have a karaoke in they're inn (there's even a disco ball there, fancy Gorons lol). But yeah, it's in a volcano, so no thanks (6/10, it would be a 10/10 if it weren't for the volcano).

Zora's Domain: It's beautiful but they don't have a good economy nor they're near important places and it's exactly accessible. It's a pretty boring place if you ask me but it would be cool for those who whish to relax and meditate (5/10).

Rito's village: A pretty nice place but it's too cold and, again, the economy is pretty crappy (seriously, all this towns have a problem with that). It's cool if you like the mountain but Hateno is way better. The good thing is that, in my opinion, it's less depressing than Zora's Domain (6/10)

Gerudo Town: My favorite village to live along with Goron City. Amazing culture and people, the accessibility is not good but they try to compensate with the seals and the buildings are just beautiful (it has the best soundtrack of all villages). I don't recommend it because of the location, because men can't enter and because the economy is one of the worst in the game (6/10).

No town is under 5 because they all have their perks but I refuse to give any if them a 10 because (even if I adjusted my criteria to the world of Breath of the Wild) any of them has a freaking good economy, and that is vital. If they were real they would all be long gone (also, I'm sorry about my English, it's not my mother tonge).

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I love Gerudo Town in this game. It was the one place where I felt genuinely inclined to do all the sidequests because I actually really cared about the area.


that and we had to get the Lightning crown.


You probably just did that for the thunder helm

Avi Wadhwa

also cuz it wasn't painful. in kakariko, unless i checked a guide, i'd have to go through each house, in morning/evening. i had no idea about the sunset firefly quest until i checked online



Utube User

Gerudo town is like my native town in the game. Its there where i feel most at home. Its mainly because its the thunderblight ganon that i defeated first after wildly and by accident stumbling into gerudo valley and eventually finding the town. Thats why for me its the gerudo town is the place thats like a home for me..

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So beautiful, especially with a full moon, unless its red and everything goes doomsday.


Lord Ozzie True

Andy G

Lord Ozzie I dislike the blood moon.


I like it, it give me more ore and enemies to farm. Gotta get that savage lynel gear yo.

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