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Goron City
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Peter Man Fox

Perfect for when you're running into the town at max speed, eating every single thing in your inventory hoping to the Goddess that the armor shop isn't closed like at Zora's Domain.
Then you enter the shop, and see the Goron's perfect reaction.

- I'd like to buy

Worth it, man.

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Madeline Wickard

I can only imagine how much fun the musicians had recording this


probably one of the best days at work ever for the trombone guy haha


or extremely stressful but you know I think I doubt it being that (stressful that is)


I would be giggling like a maniac the whole time

William gold

The musicians kids probably did it

Mortem, God Of Mortality

They probably had been laughing the entire time.

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Imagine being a goron waking up to a new day, going out and thinking it's beautiful morning. Magma is as hot as ever, gorons are busy rolling around and then there's this one almost naked hylian ablaze eating 123411 apples while going to the armor shop.


You just described my first gameplay

John Doe

"Imma head back in"

GeeswithanE • 7 yr ago

Y'all went to death mountain FIRST??
my god atleast get the gerudo armour

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