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Kara Kara Bazaar
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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I love breath of the wild, it does apocalypse right. A desolate and lonely land where everything wants to kill you, but the world is still intact and beautiful, it gives you a reason to fight.

Just Cade

Nature has reclaimed the previously inhabited landscape, and it's now the central focus. In many ways, the world is the main character of Breath of the Wild.


@Just Cade true

Joey Albert

Oooh I love that! "It gives you a reason to fight"


Well said.


​@Joey Albert i love when game actually give you a tangible reason to care


I can't describe the feeling this track gives me very well. It's like... a pleasant melancholy?

It feels like coming home during the scorching summer into a quiet and cool house and draping yourself lazily over the couch as you watch people walk their dogs outside, or stare at the little fountain filtering the pond in the garden, or the fish inside it, or maybe even as you let yourself be mesmerised by the dry leaves on the trees flowing in the mild summer breeze.

It's hard to describe a specific feeling, but that comes closest to what this track feels like to me.

Maicon Douglas

Its called solitude!

Daniel Curren

I love songs like this that give off a pleasant melancholy vibe. Breathe of the wild is great at using this to depict a post calamity Hyrule. Another game that has this type of music is Oneshot.


Yeah it’s like the feeling of emptiness yet content after a long vacation

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