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Korok Forest
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Both the Kokiri and the Koroks were based off Kodama. If you call them Kodama, it's going to be impossible to determine which one you're referring to since they both fall into that mythical category. On the other hand, if you specify between Kokiri and Koroks, you can make that determination because the Kokiri became Koroks once they left their original forest home to travel and find a new one (according to the Great Deku Tree in Wind Waker).

In other words, the conversation was like this:

LucidGate: "One of the best songs in the game, really captures the caterpillars."

Me: "They're not caterpillars anymore. They're butterflies now."

You: "More like insects, really. Kudos if you get that one."

I know that you were probably very excited when you first learned about Kodama, but you weren't actually making yourself look smart here since the Kokiri were based on them as well. Maybe do a little more research next time before trying again.

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If you ever feel alone in BotW, just remember..
There’s always a Korok hiding somewhere near


veryfast_turtle 5824 this is the sweetest thing ever to know 😭💚


Koroks are the spiders of zelda


Going from alone to threatened

A canaX r

Not if you have completed the game 100%

Edigar Monteiro

It's true!

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The Koroks are just the best thing ever. All the shop owners thank Link when he purchases goods, not for his patronage, but for letting them help in saving Hyrule. And the innkeeper, Pepp doesn't charge a single rupee. He made that bed specifically for Link a century ago and only cares in making sure Link has a good night's sleep. Best race in the game.

People who bully Koroks have a special place in Satan's toilet when they die, by the way.


Why are you stalking me!?


Exactly what I thought about the koroks!

Longeth Dayv

BUT they don't have a goron massage.

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