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Mini-Game: Bird-Man Research Study
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

Garret Gott

This is such a good song that is so hard to share. How am I supposed to explain what a banger this is while my friends are judging it by its title

Rosalyn Fraser

So true


finally someone who can be bothered doing a 10 hour version THANK YOU!

BOTW Clips+


Kamran KI

This track has SNES Starfox vibes.

TK Martin

Botw needed more “theme” music like this in it


Tysm. I was looking for this


Me when doing the gliding exam with amber and gliding mini games around the map in genshin: this is oddly familiar...

My brain:


Uploading this just means that Not all heroes wear capes


they have paragliders and the ghost of a bird instead

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