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Reunion: Urbosa
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Clémence Olivier

I like to think that the voices we can hear singing all along are the spirits of the seven heroines guiding Urbosa in her quest to restore the honour of the Gerudos


"It was written that Calamity Ganon once adopted the form of a Gerudo and that will make this victory all the more satisfying. Now I can take this personally."
When Urbosa said that, there were no brakes on my way to Hyrule castle to kill Calamity Ganon.


Hey guys, who remembers when Urbosa's spirit said: "And take good care of Hyrule" and then winked.



Monkey Tunk

yep and i thought something sus was starting

Junior Moscato


Adrimations Z

I did

Goursku The Legendary

@Peter Galliver cough That one memory with the frog cough cough

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Ultimate Moonlight45

I didn’t think I could hate thunderblight Ganon any more than I already did. Then it sunk in that it killed Urbosa.

Joshua Atherton

@Emminet Daruk has no range to be able to blow up it's shield.

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