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Rito Village
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Rito Village. So blissful 🎶 Day and Night. It doesn’t matter.
I love all the tracks in BOTW but this one always hits me.
The vibe feels like home.

Beautiful scenery
Kind villagers
Rito children playing and laughing
Offering to defeat a giant mechanical Divine Bird in the sky. It’s great. Lol

My favorite village thus far I always come here just to take a break and relax and chill to the music 😊
Hope it’s in BOTW2 !

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"The adventure is only fun when you don't know what lies ahead"
That explains Breath of the wild in one sentence.


Splatypus exept if it's a guardian lol but seriously you're right that phrase describes botw perfectly


can be said about a lot of games honestly pokemon is the first to come to mind


@lightyoshiman but the botw experience in that generation war as free as what happens in other games

Jimmy John Joe Jr.

Also works for Hollow knight

you ever just die

Also explains the BoTW 2 reveal trailer

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I stopped everything when I first walked into Rito Village. I was not expecting this callback, but it was so beautiful. I just had to stop and admire this theme.


That song was a call back to Super smash Bros Brawl. I've never played Wind Waker.
Edit: what I meant was it takes me back to when I played Ssbb.

Miracle Bradley

🌻Very beautiful and relaxing🌻

chris allin

JustInsanity Same! It was the moment I fell in love with the game!!

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