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Sheikah Tower: Appearance
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:

A Hat

this is the "hes back....HES BACK!" moment for hyrule


I read this with the voice of Eggman’s henchman from the Sonic movie 2 trailer.

• 7min ago • 4y ago

Link is back baby back baby back, dun nun nun nuuuun

Power Couch

link is back, tell ganon

hi_sweetie_want_pizza Hi

Link is back, tell a friend


Guess who’s back, back again


Such a powerful moment. I could imagine all of the forces of evil collectively thinking, "Oh, crap. He's awake."

Stufy stuf

Lol Ganon has the question mark on his head

Tammy pasquanelli

Ahh shit here we go again

Bunny Ben Plays


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