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Tarrey Town
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Comments from YouTube:


This town is proof that Hyrule will have a bright future.


@srg rafael oh, I can't wait to explore a more living Hyrule !!!!!

Fallen, le Déchu

@Inventor of children Unfortunately no because in the trailer, Hyrule Castle is still destroyed... I think BotW2 will happens right after Link and Zelda destroyed and seal away Calamity Ganon

diddly doot

@TribuneAquila lol


Yes but only if you have son in your name


haha, no.

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Caleb Brown

This is the song that makes me feel that people on this earth really do care about each other

R.I.P Etika

@Comrade Sieghart that was four months ago

Comrade Sieghart

@R.I.P Etika Ah yes. Socialism 101: written by an American.

R.I.P Etika

@Heinrich von Schnitzel depends

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