The Final Trial
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Adultery You're looking into my eyes and me, I know. I'm…
Dawnrider [Kurasark] High in the sky near the starlights Eternity's …

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Imagine: It’s your senior year in High School. You’ve managed to maintain a perfect GPA, get into multiple honors classes, and is on route to getting a diploma. You arrive on the last day of testing, in which it’s your final exam you’ll be taking. You’ve been given love from your family, friends, and your lover. This is it. It’s time for you to end this long journey.


Bro how i wish 😔

Heehok Noobo

I friggin wish

Gohan Tanaka

This music makes me think of rebuilding Hyrule and reclaiming it’s former glory.

Zen Seizure

The synths harken back to GB and NES Zelda's 8 bit tones. There is an understated Peak Zelda Energy about this ballad.


I listened to this when I did the 120th shrine. Thank you so much

Mockkitty Network

I never thought I would find this

Enrique Playz

;-; fit mc

Theo_RoboPurplePanda E

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes love thismusic and the final trial itself

Bunny Family

I think there’s a 10 hours One?

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