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Thunderblight Ganon Battle
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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HyperFreeze 2

My fight with this guy:
Watch out! This thing is fast!
Me: really?
Thunderblight Ganon: Yup
Me: CRAP!!!! One heart left. Where are my mighty bananas?
Thunderblight Ganon: you're gonna run out
Me: Not if I dodge instead!
some fighting. I get it to half health
Thunderblight Ganon: hmhmhmhm
Me: oh no
Me: oh damn. Uh, MAGNESIS. What if I pull a pillar towards you?
Thunderblight Ganon: Didn't think of that
Me: >:) that did tons of damage
Thunderblight Ganon: YO LIGHTNING, I NEED YOU
Me: let me kill you
Thunderblight Ganon: lightning strikes his sword >:)
Me: =O
Thunderblight Ganon: Now it's time for the pain
Me: ded

Pretty much each of my 30 odd times I fought him


I was getting some advice from a friend on this fight and he said "You might want to stock up on shields and one-handed weapons" and I was like "pssht I'll be fine" and went in with a few knights' claymores and not much else

I wasn't fine


“This thing is fast, watch yourself!”
Dies like 5 or 6 times, even with Mipha's Grace, Revali's Gale, and Daruk's Protection
“There's valor in dodging...”
Remembers that I can dodge and do a flurry rush. Memorizes when to dodge. Gets to second phase. Doesn't know what to do next.
“You have to find a way around that shield!”
Screams while wasting bomb and shock arrows
“There's something metallic nearby...”
“Metallic, metallic... Metallic!”
Finally uses magnesis. Shocks Thunderblight Ganon. He falls. I hit him. He gets up. A second later, I die. Finally wins after like, 45 minutes.

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“Watch out, that thing is fast.”
i t w a s m y p l e a s u r e




"Just how fast is h--"

"*Fwoosh* It was my pleasure"



Game over.

Anthony Floyd

Yeah I got my reaction is "The fuck!?" When that thing moves fast paced.

The amazing cat wizard

He is “lightning” speed and his name is thunder blight so what did you expect

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nicolas B.

Urbosa was possibly the most powerful of the champions. That's probably why this thing is the most difficult.

Albert Steel

nicolas B. Hmm let’s see what about Link with the full level 4 barbarian armor and a 108 Lynel Crusher,Savage Lynel Shield (83) and x5 Savage Lynel Bow with some bomb arrows,and 3 defense food? That’s the 5th Champion with style


Albert Steel I have way better stuff than you :v

Albert Steel

Desired_ RBLX A mi no me engañe hermano,I have 6 crushers all above 100. Whatever,Maz Koshia will get nuts when I fight with my 2 50 Savage Lynel Bows and my overpowered weaponry!

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