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Waterblight Ganon Battle
Yasuaki Iwata Lyrics

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Tyson Dennis

Here's my idea for themes with the generals/four heavenly kings/E4:
-Have a recurring medley, with electronic music.
-Adds vocals for the second half.

-Sitar mixed with metal.
-Theme goes at double speed for phase 2.

-Pan flute and maracas.
-Adds xylophone for phase 2.

-Chimes and bells.
-Half speed for phase 2, making it feel more powerful.

-Xylophone and sonar sounds.
-Adds drums for phase 2.

Luis Martinez

Waterblight was so hard for me back in the day, my brother had finished all the divine beasts at the time, so I kept questioning him how. This is a Strategy for beginners.

Things you will need:
Shock Arrows
Bow (Pack more than one!)
Normal Arrows
Good aim

Now for the Strategy!

First, Get Behind the big pod thing and shoot arrows at it, But if you want close range use the spear. But watch out for the other Spear! If it gets it's Spear Ready Use your Shield. Do that until phase two, Then you want to use all your arrows in this fight, maybe throw the spear. If your bow breaks use another one, Do this until it dies.

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When you realize this game has a giant mechanical elephant piloted by a ghost fish lady shooting a laser at a castle surrounded by a evil pig cloud


Plus the boulder man who sits on top of his giant robotic lizard literally in the side of a volcano, a French inspired bird man who is cocky af but really he just wanted to be your friend who controls a horrifying rat-bird robot thing. He also likes to shoot literal bombs from a bow with his bird talon feet. And, you know…



I love how Nintendo games can be distilled into some of the most ludicrous non sequiturs when you take away the context

Also I love when I forget normal words somehow and end up having to use more complicated ones

Joe Busby

Makes sense in context tho




Pig cloud? Oh I get it, it is in the old Zelda games

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Salted Sins

This boss was hard. Not because of actual difficulty (though it was difficult), not because of its insane reach, not even because of its ridiculously high offenses/cryonis challenge, but because *I couldn't see the screen through my tears*


@MajinSawdust64 Same. After I watched a bunch of videos I finally realized it.


My dumb ass didn’t realize you could use cryosis. I was out here shooting each block with arrows


The boss used to be so difficult for me not because of any of those things, it was because I couldn’t get shock arrows from the freakin Lynel! In fact I wasn’t able to defeat that lynel until I had Mipha’s Grace, Revali’s Gale, and Daruk’s Protection. Now that Lynel is a piece of cake for me.

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